The day was fascinating. It encouraged me to think outside of the box

It was really good. I have been buzzing all day. I can't stop talking about it

a really valuable opportunity for people to meet discuss, listen, think and reflect

Talent Pool Apprentices Meet Apprentice Star 1 September 2011

Sally Rixon, Karren Brady, Lisa SmaleUpdate from the third annual Talent Pool delegate event.

The Talent Pool held its third Annual Symposium for clients and guests this summer. We were joined by a variety of specialist speakers, including Karren Brady from the BBC’s Apprentice. Her keynote speech and the theme for the day was “My Kinda Leadership”.

The day gave delegates time to think about their own personal leadership style and their organisations methods. Delegates were able to question Karren about how her career success as well as informally chatting with her over lunch. Sally Rixon, Talent Pool’s Director of Collaborative Learning said, “We are delighted that Karren agreed to join us and share her fascinating career with us.”

She was a great keynote speaker for our delegates, has a wealth of experience and has achieved much despite many challenges thrown her way. Karren talked about her career in football which started at a young age; there wasn’t a person in the room that couldn’t be impressed by her achievements. She explained to delegates that her determination had been pivotal to her success.

Of course, as fanatical Apprentice viewers, it was great to be able to talk to her first hand about this year’s contestants and find out how tough the competition is.

What delegates had to say…

“Since enrolling I have dramatically changed the way I view myself, those around me and the work that I do. It has had a profoundly positive impact on my working life.”

“I found the day fascinating and it certainly got me thinking out of the box.”

“It was really good I have been buzzing all day, and can’t stop talking about it.”

“I really did enjoy the whole day and all the interaction, discussion, the delegates and the speakers — all were superb in different ways.”

“I thought the day was excellent, one of the best of this type of event. I liked the variety, quality of speaker and efficiency of organisation. A really valuable opportunity for people to meet, discuss, listen, think, reflect.”

“We were positively buzzing on the way home in the car, discussing the richness of the day and considering all the possibilities.”

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