How do we make an online classroom work for you?

Our approach to online learning

How do we make online classrooms work for you?

Through group discussion, peer-to-peer coaching, interactive learning content, breakout rooms, video content, interactive polls and one-to-ones with the facilitator. Whether stand-alone or used as part of a blended learning package to complement other learning methods, virtual learning is quickly growing in use and sophistication.

You really don’t need to put employee learning and engagement on the back-burner. A virtual solution can help your team be ready for tomorrow, whilst helping them to deal with today.

  • Flexible – delivered when and where your teams need it
  • Time-friendly – typically 2 hours
  • Interactive, fun and engaging
  • You get the same access to our experienced consultants and learn from your peers in an interactive environment that replicates a physical classroom.
  • Library of over 40 off the shelf topics – a smorgasbord of learning materials to meet your needs
  • Tailor made materials to match the specific needs and requirements of your organisation

What is a virtual classroom?

Virtual classrooms are an online tutor led training room which allows us to train people anywhere in the world as if they were all in a room together.

What is the difference between a virtual classroom and an elearning course or a webinar?

The difference is that the virtual classroom course is led by a real trainer and is live and hugely interactive, just like being in the training room. The delegates can ask questions and interact with the trainer and each other. The platform allows for workshops, exercises, polls, breakout rooms, videos, creating and sharing documents and delegate screen interaction thus making the whole experience effective, immersive and interactive.

Flexible learning experience

You can participate at work or at home, providing an exciting new opportunity for attending courses where time, geographical location and cost of travel or accommodation are prohibitive. This is a ‘quality alternative’ that can give people access to effective training at a challenging time, as well as when we get back to some normality.

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