"it enables people to make their biggest contribution to their organisation" Sheridan Flavin, Weston Area Health Trust

"they achieve a great balance of support and challenge delivered in a very human style" Susanna Frost, HR Director, OSI Foods

"they fully understand our business and had a positive impact on performance" Nebel Crowhurst, Virgin Holidays

Open programme

The Talent Pool offers a 12-month individually tailored development programme only for employees who are key to an organisation. The programme blends expert knowledge, the latest technology, face to face contact and peer support to give a flexible solution that allows you to juggle learning alongside business priorities.

This is not a one size fits all solution to development that treats everyone the same or a programme that you will experience anywhere else.

We rarely take people off-site to learn and provide flexible learning that can be accessed at the desk. Participants get to learn alongside talented people in other businesses, allowing them to grasp new ideas and ways of thinking. We make it easy for learners to juggle their learning needs around their business priorities.

The programme consists of the following elements:

open talent programme

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