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Talent Pool Symposium Quotes 2010 1 October 2010

Here are a selection of quotations from those who attended The Talent Pool 2010 Annual Symposium at the Kilworth House Hotel in Leicestershire.

“Fantastic day. I usually get 5-10% benefit from a day like this but this one I walked away with 75% of the day giving me a benefit. I have already used some of the messages in my recruitment activity – employing for attitude. Very motivational day, enjoyed the whole day. The location was fantastic and the time flew by, usually I watch the clock –- no clock watching at this event.”
Liam Talbot, Thatchers Cider

“I thought that the day was excellent — so refreshing to get away from the daily business and tasks and focus on wider issues and meet people from other industries”
Kate McClennan, Ladbrokes

“Fantastic –- I have been raving about the day”
Kirsty Pettitt, Thorntons

“The 2 speakers were both very good in very different ways. I could have listened to Rene for another hour! The networking opportunities at coffee and lunch were great. I spoke to loads of people I would probably have never met.”
Hilary Nithsdale, Wilkinson

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