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talent management in the public sector

Talent Management in the Public Sector Conference 2009 29 January 2009

A review of the Talent Management in the Public Sector Conference, held in Westminster in January 2009 and attended by The Talent Pool team.

5 ways to influence your CEO that talent management is a strategic priority 28 January 2009

What makes it so difficult to convince organisations that talent management and development is an issue that needs to be taken seriously?

Colin Sexstone leader’s lunch preview 15 December 2008

An exclusive 45-minute interview with Colin Sexstone, Chief Executive of Bristol City Football Club, is now available to members of The Talent Pool. View a short clip from the full interview here.

Talent management: a strategic approach 03 June 2008

Talent management is vital to delivering business results and maintaining competitive advantage, yet two thirds of organisations have no way of dealing with their most valuable people.

The Talent Pool launches its services to the business world on the 5 June 2008 as it recognises the challenge this can cause businesses. It offers a cost-effective solution to help business leaders identify, develop, engage and retain their most talented people.

Leader’s lunch with Colin Sexstone 20 February 2008

Members of The Talent Pool will have an exclusive leaders lunch with Colin Sexstone, Chief Executive of Bristol City Football Club, to discover what business leaders can learn from the world of sport.

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