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Leader’s lunch with Deborah Jones 11 February 2009

The Talent Pool is pleased to announce Deborah Jones, Retail Operations Director of Land Securities, for the next leader’s lunch video interview, exclusive to members.

Talent Management: the need for internal Management Development Programmes 10 February 2009

Organisations often invest heavily in external recruitment at the cost of identifying and developing their existing pool of talented employees. Fortunately, talent management allows companies to save money and retain their best people.

Talent Management Made Easy 09 February 2009

Our free TalentScout questionnaire will help you identify the best people in your organisation and ensure that their talent development needs are met. It helps you start the talent management process and make it a priority.

Why is Talent Management Common Sense but not Common Practice? 06 February 2009

Organisations will struggle in a challenging economy if they have no way to identify, develop, engage and retain their best employees. It is time to put common sense into common practise with talent management.

5 Ways to Manage your Talent Potential 05 February 2009

The five top ways that you can retain your top talented employees during a recession and beyond.

Retaining Talent in a Recession 29 January 2009

How can you hold on to your best employees, talented individuals, managers, and future leaders throughout the credit crunch?

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